Building retrofit

Conduct deep energy retrofits of public/private residential properties affecting 15,000 people. This includes integration of low-carbon energy sources, physical modernisation, digital controls, and promote policy innovations and citizen/private incentives to save energy.

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Citizen engagement

Develop new approaches and tools to improve the public’s understanding of how smart cities should operate. Promote the citizens’ active participation.

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Energy management

Implement Integrated Energy Management System to integrate and optimise energy from all sources in districts (and interface with city-wide system); including demand response measures.

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Urban sharing platform

Manages data from a wide range of sources, including sensors, as well as traditional statistics. It is built on common principles, open technologies and standards. This development draws on London’s data analytics expertise (DataStore); Milan’s work on an application programming interface (API) marketplace and public use of data; and Lisbon’s experiences with sensor data analysis and gateways.

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Smart lampposts

Demonstrate smart lighting integrated with other smart service infrastructure (eV charging stations; smart parking; traffic monitoring via sensors; data management, wifi, etc). A swift and secure way to ‘bootstrap’ smart cities.

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A portfolio of inter-connected initiatives supporting the shift to low carbon shared mobility solutions: e-bike sharing, e-car sharing, e-logistics, e-vehicle charging points and smart parking.

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