Sharing green futures at the Environment forum


How can we make small changes that dramatically improve the lives of our citizens? Why do we often continue as though it’s easier to do things the hard way? This year’s Environment forum, 18-20 October in Essen, was themed around creating ‘integrated development for healthy green cities’.

Over 160 representatives from cities and organisations took part, and as a city which understands the importance of preparing for a greener future, Warsaw’s Sharing Cities city lead, Marcin Wróblewski, was invited to speak at this event. As a Sharing Cities member, Warsaw is committed to the replication of smart city solutions, and the Environment forum was an unmissable opportunity to share their experiences.

Warsaw has been an active EUROCITIES member since 2002. During this period, Mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz was elected as EUROCITIES deputy president for one term and then its president for two consecutive terms. The most important aspect of our mutual cooperation are issues of environment, energy and climate. Hence the involvement of Warsaw in the Environment Forum, in particular in its Working Group on Air Quality, Climate Change & Energy Efficiency.

Mr Wróblewski was impressed with achievements of this city that contributed to winning a title of the European Green Capital 2017. Essen's history of transformation from heavy industry/coal mining era to an era based on innovation and green jobs is an especially interesting example to follow for Polish cities, in particular those from the Upper Silesia region.

Warsaw had a chance to hear about the recent developments in the fields of energy and environmental policies in the European Union and the opportunity to share their own related experiences, including achievements owed to our participation in the Sharing Cities project on smart cities and communities.



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