Retro-fast! Slashing bills and emissions in Milan


Milan has already seen pollution down by 65% and energy savings of 59% in retrofitted private homes. The city has just completed the fourth of its six planned retrofits as part of our Sharing Cities project. Milan is on track to exceed targets, retrofitting over 3,000 square metres more than the 25,000 square metres initially planned.

"Innovation is not just about research institutes: it is first of all that which touches the everyday lives of citizens,” declared Christina Tajani, local councillor for smart cities, “Thanks to the European project Sharing Cities, good practices building retrofit become actual practices which improve the city." The building now boasts insulated facades, attics and window casements, a new efficient heat generator and solar panels.

Damiano Di Simine, the scientific director of Legambiente Lombardia, explained that “Air conditioning is the heaviest contribution of the city to air pollution and climate change, but it can be seriously reduced. Building retrofit means having cleaner air in a more beautiful city, but also lighter bills and better health.” This means cleaner and more comfortable lives for residents in both public and in private space.

Meanwhile, beyond retrofit, Milan is making progress with other smart city measures through the Sharing Cities project, including integrated energy management systems, wi-fi enabled intelligent lampposts and the area’s first condominium car sharing.

In keeping with the philosophy of Sharing Cities, these improvements were not dropped in from above, but developed through innovative co-design process with citizens choosing the best efficiency measures for each building. This co-design process was conducted by Legambiente, Politecnico di Milano (DASTU), Consorzio Poliedra, Teicos Ue Srl and Future Energy Srl, all with the support of the Municipality of Milan. The retrofit itself was carried out by Teicos UE Srl together with Future Energy Srl.

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