Replication Webinar Series: Building Retrofit


Eurocities is hosting a series of replication and scale-up webinars with Sharing Cities. 

Join us for the third webinar about deep energy retrofits for buildings on 14 July 2020, 11:00 - 12:15 CEST

This webinar on building retrofit will explore different types of retrofit schemes through two case studies from lighthouse cities. Tools for replication, scale-up and implementation in other cities will also be presented. After the presentations, we invite all participants to join the discussion, ask questions and share their experiences. We are looking forward to an engaging exchange!

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Why retrofit?

Cities play a crucial role in driving global energy demands, this is a big challenge within a Smart Cities context. It is however key to ensuring a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system. 

Recently, there’s been much effort to speed up development and deployment of energy efficiency and low-carbon technologies in urban contexts. Urban areas not only produce a considerable portion of human-made greenhouse gases emissions, they’re also particularly vulnerable to its effects. Both local decision-making and strategic approaches have a part to play in finding opportunities and pursuing more sustainable pathways. 

Whilst new buildings are now built to be energy efficient, most building stock in our cities is old. Through Sharing Cities, we’ve explored how to retrofit older buildings in the three lighthouse cities with energy efficiency measures and smart controls, enabling us to reduce the energy consumption in these buildings and increase the level of comfort experienced by occupants. 

Alongside health and wellbeing benefits, energy efficiency measures in buildings also present the largest potential for savings. These include by reducing energy use for heating and/or cooling, electricity for lighting, and lowering building maintenance requirements.


About this event

Since 2016, the lighthouse cities of Lisbon, London and Milan have implemented ten smart city measures in the framework of the project Sharing Cities. Based on this knowledge and technical experience, Sharing Cities is launching a series of short technical webinars to explore the measures one by one: digital social market, e-bikes, building retrofit, sustainable energy management system, smart lampposts, e-mobility, and urban sharing platform. Each measure is also supported by a smart booklet and playbook which go into greater detail on how to replicate and scale-up the solution in your city. 

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Sharing Cities

The Sharing Cities ‘lighthouse’ project is a testbed for finding better, common approaches to making smart cities a reality. By fostering international collaboration between industry and cities, the project aims to develop affordable, integrated, commercial-scale smart city solutions with high market potential. Sharing Cities is a part of a family of projects that make up the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP SCC01 – Lighthouse Projects).


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Replication Webinar Series: Building Retrofit
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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement N°691895

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