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Milan, 21 February 2019 – Residents of Milan are working hard for a more sustainable city, and now new technology will be rewarding that effort. The Digital Social Market app developed within Sharing Cities, ‘SharingMI’ will award points for going to school or go to work by bicycle, spending their leisure time creating urban gardens, saving water, and doing without plastic glasses and cutlery. The first to experiment with the contents of the app will be the residents of the Sharing Cities pilot area, between Porta Romana and Vettabbia.


This afternoon Cristina Tajani, Councillor for Labour Policies, Business, Commerce and Human Resources with responsibility for Milan Smart City has introduced the SharingMi app with residents. She has been joined by the curators and developers of the app during at Cascina Cuccagna, in the heart of the pilot district.

"Thanks to gaming and the widespread use of new technologies, today we are able to promote, in a playful way, the adoption of more sustainable and environmentally friendly behaviours among citizens", said Mrs Tajani, "With SharingMi the small daily gestures are transformed into awards and concrete rewards for commercial and non-commercial activities that make sustainability one of their main objectives. The rewards range from discount vouchers in green shops to discounts for cultural activities".

SharingMi was developed within the Sharing Cities project by the Consorzio Poliedra - Politecnico di Milano within the EU Sharing Cities project, selecting GreenApes and NEU working together for the design and development of the app. Also contributing to the project were the Smart City Unit of the Municipality of Milan, and Future Cities Catapult, London's centre of excellence specialising in Advanced Urban Services.

SharingMi is a digital platform where users share their ideas and actions related to sustainability (such as mobility, energy and water saving, reuse and recycling practices), to inspire each other in leading a more ecological lifestyle. Through their virtuous behaviour and interactions with others, participants earn points, ‘BankoNuts’, the currency of the Jungle of GreenApes, to redeem rewards for their lifestyle and for the positive impact that their actions have on the environment and on the city. SharingMi is also connected to other sustainable service apps, allowing members to accumulate points from multiple platforms: for example from BikeMi (the bike sharing service in Milan).

The awards, offered by the SharingMi partners consist of products, cultural services and discount vouchers that can be spent at various green businesses in the city and beyond. 

SharingMi is already available free of charge on the main app stores for iOS and Android, downloading the GreenApes app, or via the website

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