Milan adds another energy efficient building to its ranks


Yesterday Cristina Tajani, council member for Work Policies of the city of Milan, and Marco Granelli, council member for Transport and Environment inaugurated the recently retrofitted via Verro condominium.

Cristina Tajani is proud to inaugurate this new energy efficient building and highlights the importance of involving the condominium residents from the very beginning of the retrofitting process.
The building, which dates from the 1970s and is situated in the Milan pilot area Porta Romana-Vettabbia, is one of five planned to undergo a deep retrofit. It’s home to 24 families who will benefit from an expected 52% saving on their energy bills. To make the most of their retrofitted homes, they have also received a guide: Vivere bene in una casa efficiente (Good living in an efficient home). The guide also includes information on financial opportunities for similar retrofitting measures for Milan’s residents.

The deep retrofit included upgrades on insulation and temperature control and the installation of solar panels. The energy produced by these cells is used to meet the condominium’ energy needs and the extra energy is sold to the grid at an affordable price. The intervention at via Verro is estimated at €350,000 and will reduce CO2 emissions by 65,000kg/year.

The impact of the deep renovation will be monitored through an IoT system, gathering data from the renovated buildings (there will be 5 renovated buildings in the pilot area) and will feed into future plans for a smarter and more sustainable city.

Local partners involved in the renovation were Teicos and Future Energy, while those involved in the co-creation process were Legambiente, Politecnico (DASTU), Poliedra, Teicos and Future Energy, with the support and coordination on the Milan municipality.



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