Illumination workshops – preparing to become a lighthouse city


What is involved in becoming a lighthouse city? Those cities that aspire to join the Sharing Cities programme and be a beacon guiding others need to keep a couple of things in mind when constructing their proposals:

  • Scalability is at the heart of Sharing Cities, so it should be evident that your proposal can both grow in size and be replicated in other cities;
  • Proposals also need more than a single dimension, for example a plan that involves more energy efficient transport could also propose less transport intensive schemas, such as mixed use areas and buildings;
  • Longevity is key, and proposals need to foster energy awareness and citizens’ sense of ownership to ensure that they will endure beyond the 5-year term of the project.
  • Finally, while a strain of idealism may come in handy, it is important that proposals demonstrate realistic planning, for example that they foresee a mitigation strategy.

All these points and more were expanded upon in a Sharing Cities brokerage even on Smart Cities and Communities, in which representatives of EUROCITIES, the European Investment Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, the Commission’s DG ENER, and the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency dialogued with city leaders from 12 interested cities.

Cities heard how they can benefit from the programme through sparking local innovation, accelerating that innovation through shared-learning, maximising the reach of money spent, and effective branding. They then engaged in open and candid conversation, expressing their own concerns, interests, challenges and successes.

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08/07/2019 - 10/07/2019


Webinar on online community engagement platform - Commonplace
13/12/2018 - 13/12/2018


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