Humble lamppost gains momentum


Reducing energy costs while improving services, collecting data and connecting citizens, the central aims of any smart city, are nowhere more easily achieved than through the ‘humble lamppost.’ This is the popular term for a smart lamppost with features like low energy LED lights, adaptive systems for dimming and central control, sensors for noise and pollution, and services like wifi and battery charging. Trialled in our lighthouse cities London, Lisbon and Milan, humble lampposts are an easy win for cities that is already catching on in follower cities Bordeaux, Burgas and Warsaw.
Now the results demonstrated in Sharing Cities are catching the attention of cities all over Europe that are enthusiastic to learn from our project and replicate its successes. Sharing Cities’ Graham Colclough, thought leader at UrbanDNA, recently presented the humble lamppost at a Lighting Urban Community International (LUCI) event, ‘Spotlight on Rotterdam.’ Over 170 participants from 35 countries, representatives of cities and industry, attended the event. Among them was Rotterdam deputy mayor Bert Wijbenga, who expressed his intention to introduce this technology at an upcoming meeting with the political leads his city’s 23 metropolitan municipalities.
One key feature of the humble lamppost is that cities can achieve major savings when they undertake large-scale investment in this solution. By cooperating to outline common standards and investing en masse, cities can guide the European market. The momentum gained from events like this is central to achieving Sharing Cities’ commitment to helping other cities benefit from the research and development undertaken during the project, and to stimulate €500 million in smart city investment.
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