Hot off the press: The Sharing Cities Playbooks


Improving urban mobility and engaging communities for positive change: The Sharing Cities Playbooks  

Sharing Cities has released its first two playbooks: Improving urban mobility with e-bike sharing, and Engaging communities for positive change with the Digital Social Market.

The Sharing Cities playbooks are comprehensive implementation toolkits designed for cities interested in, or in the process of, replicating smart technology solutions.
The playbooks will help cities understand the steps required to successfully implement these technologies and guide their own schemes.

Head to our new Resources page, where we’ll be releasing new playbooks throughout the year covering citizen engagement, technology-enabled mobility, energy, and data management solutions.

Why playbooks?

Sharing Cities has captured the experiences of deploying smart technology solutions and the lessons learned along the way in a series of playbooks. Our programme partners and other cities can use this research to reduce barriers, speed up processes and ensure a consistent approach.

The playbooks consider all key elements of implementation, including procurement, business models and finance. As we understand the challenges that many municipalities and local authorities face, our goal is to find common solutions to shared urban and governance challenges.

Sharing Cities is a catalyst for a more agile and collaborative smart cities marketplace. Our offer to other cities interested in replicating Sharing Cities measures, not only across the EU but also globally, is a framework of guidelines and principles to support local city authorities with implementing smart technology. The playbooks have been designed to help condense procurement times, accelerating efforts to deliver more attractive and resource efficient cities.

How to use the playbooks

Containing the learnings from our five-year programme, the playbooks provide a step-by-step guide for cities to replicate smart technology measures with evidence-based use cases drawn from our three lighthouse cities; Lisbon, London and Milan.

You will find detailed guidance on formulating a value proposition for smart solutions, in economic, social, environmental, and financial terms; and a practical roadmap to roll-out solutions, including strategic and technical design, ownership structures, business models, financing options and routes to market, stakeholder engagement and communications, and safeguarding citizen interests. 

Where to find the playbooks

The first two playbooks can be requested on the Sharing Cities Resources page, with more planned for the coming months.

The playbooks answer common questions and include references to a range of tools to support your development and delivery plans. If you’d like the source files for these tools, email us at or tweet us @CitiesSharing.

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About Sharing Cities

The Sharing Cities ‘lighthouse’ project is a testbed for finding better, common approaches to making smart cities a reality. By fostering international collaboration between industry and cities, the project aims to develop affordable, integrated, commercial-scale smart city solutions with high market potential. Sharing Cities is a part of a family of projects that make up the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP SCC01 – Lighthouse Projects).


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