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Impact is a magazine which spreads quality research, insight and business intelligence to its 35,000 readers, including national, regional and local government and funding agencies; research funding bodies; policy and legislation organisations; universities; research institutes; NGOs; and the private sector. The article, ‘Collaborating for integrated, smarter services’ presents a discussion of how Sharing Cities is working to build better cities and improve citizens’ lives.

Like the achievements it discusses, it resulted from the collaboration of Sharing Cities partners, programme director Nathan Pierce and EUROCITIES Bernadett Köteles-Degrendele and Nathalie Guri, City Leads Leszek Drogosz, Piero Pelizzaro, Trevor Dorling, Maria João Caneiras Christophe Colinet, and Daniela Aleksieva.

The article provides great insight into the gains and challenges involved in the Sharing Cities programme. From Lisbon’s work with smart buildings, solar energy and electric vehicles, to Bordeaux’s apps for citizen engagement, the innovations described are as much social as technological, giving an overview of how digital urban enhancement leads to more ecological and citizen friendly cities. You’ll also learn about the knowledge sharing techniques that are helping these cities to help each other thrive.

You’ll also see Sharing Cities work package leaders Antony Page, Jason Warwick, Pedro Machado, Eduardo do Silva, Jarmo Eskelinen, Bernadett Köteles-Degrendele, Euan Mills and Graham Colclough on how to guarantee success in different demographics, geographies and economies – and neat tricks like turning €24 million into €500 million! 

Find out how the faces of European streets are changing, and what’s in it for their citizens here.



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