Burgas, follower city, gets ready to replicate


Interview with Daniela Aleksieva, the city lead of Burgas.

Burgas has committed to replicate smart city solutions developed within Sharing Cities by the lighthouse cities (Lisbon, London, Milan).

  • What kind of sustainable energy/buildings programmes did Burgas have in place prior to becoming involved in Sharing Cities?

Before starting the implementation of the Sharing Cities project, Burgas had launched a large-scale programme for the improvement of the energy efficiency of its educational, cultural and social infrastructure. It did so as a Covenant of Mayors member and according to the priorities that it had established within the framework of the Sustainable energy action plan.

This includes the refurbishment and renovation but also introduction of systems of control and monitoring of energy consumption in:

  • Educational infrastructure: primary and secondary schools, nurseries and kindergartenswere entirely retrofitted including measures such as structural rehabilitation and thermal energy-efficiency improvements (e.g. wall insulation, windows, roof and cellar insulation).
  • Cultural infrastructure – key buildings on the territory of the city dedicated to the organisation of cultural events, exhibitions, plays, operas etc. were totally renewedand upgraded to a higher energy-efficiency class.
  • Social and healthcare infrastructure – energy efficiency measures were introduced in existing and newly built social and residential centres for vulnerable and disabled children, and in hospitals and medical centres.
  • How did you decide what the priority actions to be taken as part of this initiative are?

All measures that Burgas intends to implement as replication activities under the Sharing Cities project are conceived in the context of the existing strategic planning documents of the municipality, mainly in relation to the Municipal Development plan 2015-2020 and the Investment Programme of the city implementing the Integrated plan for urban regeneration and development 2015-2020. At the same time, all measures are directly inspired by successful models developed by the lighthouse cities within the framework of the project and best adapted to the local circumstances and needs.

  • What tools are you using to engage with the citizens of Burgas on the actions that result from Sharing Cities?

Burgas Municipality will carry out replication activities related to citizens’ engagement that will be developed under WP2 of the project and implemented by lighthouse cities. These include information sessions, public meetings and surveys, focus groups and hackathons, online forums and training sessions. Existing communication and exchange mechanisms will be used to promote new smart measures but special events will also be organised in order to involve citizens and make them part of the city transformation. 

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These interview questions were prepared by Science Impact for the article SHAR-LLM, Sharing Cities, HORIZON2020 included in Impact publication, December 2017. Click here to download the full article.



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