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Give your Smart City a push for 2019!

Nominate a city from your EU funded Smart City project. SCIS will organise a one-day roadshow for you where SCIS will offer you a platform to engage with your local stakeholders & residents about your goals and activities, while at the same time introduce the Smart City Information System (SCIS). To top it all up, SCIS will fund and organise a promotional poster campaign in your city. So try your luck and send us your short proposal, outlining why SCIS should come and visit you with the SCIS Smart Cities Roadshow!


What is in it for you?

Overall, the EU will fund three roadshows in three cities, two in 2019 (spring & autumn) and one in 2020 (spring or summer). The SCIS team will assess your application and select the most innovative proposals. Based on your ideas and wishes, the SCIS team will create an individual SCIS Smart Cities Roadshow with your project at the centre. SCIS will organise a complementing local poster campaign and promote the event on a national and international level (press releases & social media). SCIS has a special interest in cities that are located in one of the countries that have joined the EU since 2004 but all other submissions are very welcome as well.


The SCIS Smart Cities Roadshow

The SCIS Smart Cities Roadshow is a one-day event organised in partnership with you and your project. SCIS will come to your city for a day of promotion. SCIS will present our SCIS database (which includes all EU funded Horizon2020 Smart Cities projects as well as FP7 and EEB projects) and additionally, SCIS will form the floor for your exhibition, workshop or information stand according to your needs. So, focusing on your project and your ambition to engage with your local stakeholders and citizens, let us tailor an SCIS Smart Cities Roadshow day together! You just need to provide the location and SCIS will work jointly on the agenda for the day. In addition, SCIS will fund a local poster campaign to promote your project and the SCIS Smart Cities Roadshow.


How to submit your proposal?
SCIS will select three roadshow locations based on the submitted applications. Please clearly outline why you think SCIS should come to your city.  What makes your project special? Why are you different from the other projects and cities? Please specify which location you have in mind and what content you would like to see covered by the SCIS Smart Cities Roadshow (e.g. do you require a workshop about a certain topic, a presentation from a specific expert, or do you fancy something completely different? Let us know!). Who will be the target group of your SCIS Smart Cities Roadshow? Are there any other events happening at the same time (e.g. a conference or a project meeting) that we could interact with? Please fill in the attached application form and send it back to by 15 February.


For more information, please visit:

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EU Regions week session - From dream to reality: sharing experiences from leading European Smart Cities
08/10/2019 - 08/10/2019


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