Sharing cities presented at DREAM - Smart City for All

13/10/2017 - 13/10/2017 (Avenue de Cortenbergh, 12. Brussels)

A smart city is not just one that deals well with topics like energy and mobility, but one capable of creating innovative links between them: public lighting, for example, can be modified to save energy and protect the climate, it can collect data which fuels innovation, creating jobs.

City politicians will be putting their heads together to chart a course through these possibilities at DREAM (Demonstration, Reinvention, Engagement, Adhesion, Mobilization) in Brussels on October 13th. Representing EUROCITIES, Rebecca Portail will be presenting the methods and achievements of Sharing Cities, and other EUROCITIES smart city projects.

All innovation begins with a shared dream, but real smarts are gained through experience, and sharing that experience is the key to success. At the same time, one method does not fit all, and the pioneering work of EUROCITIES in the field of knowledge sharing, replication and scalability bridges the gap between second-hand and tailormade solutions.

Along with Ms Portail, the cities of Guimaraes, Thessaloniki, Vilnius, Timisoara, Trieste and Bristol, as well as Jens Bartholmes and Maria da Graça Carvalho of the European Commission will bring their expertise to the table, to investigate how small and middle-sized cities can transform lessons from larger cities into actionable policy that is sensitive to their individual contexts and works for their citizens.

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