Sharing Cities at UK-PL Science Forum

13/09/2018 - 14/09/2018

With satellites that circle the globe in a matter of hours and medicine synthesised in one continent and consumed in another, it has long been clear that scientific advances care little for national borders. This is the spirit in which scientific collaboration between Poland and the UK is being celebrated this year at the UK-Poland Science Forum, organised in cooperation with Top 500 Innovators, 13-14 September, in Warsaw’s Marriott Hotel.

Among those speaking at the event will be Francesco Marchet, of Future Cities Catapult, and leader of the Sharing Cities work package on citizen engagement. Mr Marchet will present the powerful collaboration between Warsaw and London that has gone on as part of Sharing Cities, including a range of measures from Information Communication Technology to electric mobility. He will also highlight the dual role of citizens as both means and ends in the implementation of new technologies.

The Forum will provide a new platform for researchers, scientists and universities from the UK and Poland to connect with each other, learn about new opportunities, discuss the issues of the day with government representatives and share experience of doing research in Poland and the UK.
The forum will consist of two days of activities and include thematic work-shops and blocks dedicated, among others, to collaboration under European research and innovations programmes, research management and venture camps.
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