Joint replication workshop: Sharing Cities and Smarter Together lighthouse cities

05/12/2017 - 05/12/2017 (Rue d’Arlon 63, Renewable Energy House, 1040 Brussels)

The implementation phase of the Sharing Cities and Smarter Together projects is underway, and it’s time to benefit from the lessons learnt so far!
Cities’ teams have been implementing ambitious and innovative solutions, and tackling challenges unlike any faced before. This workshop is an opportunity to regroup and share solutions to common problems, surveying new methods and governance networks that have evolved over the past 18 months in the Covenant of Mayors signatory cities of Munich, Vienna, Lyon, London, Lisbon and Milan. Everything from sustainable mobility, to cost and energy effective building refurbishment and smart lamp posts will be tabled for discussion, as well as innovative methods like citizen co-creation. At the centre will be the question of how to effectively replicate and scale up these solutions beyond the demonstration areas.

During day one of the workshops, on 4 December, the six lighthouse cities of two projects will discuss common issues and challenges relating to specific measures they are undertaking. These will range from technical issues, to sustaining funding and navigating legal and social networks. Workshops will also be concerned with enablers within and outside the lighthouse cities, and political strategies for managing both structures within the municipality and external actors. It will conclude with the roll-out of actionable solutions.

Day two, on Tuesday 5 December, will involve interested cities (in Sharing Cities they are referred to as scale-up cities and in Smarter Together as Club of Cities). The lighthouse cities will present what is happening in their cities, what are their findings from the first day and ask the interested cities to validate their approach, and give feedback whether the issues discussed are the right ones from an external city point of view. The purpose of this workshop is to get early feedback and take into account the needs of the interested cities, working or planning to work on similar smart city solutions. This is to guarantee that replication happens within the lighthouse cities further and also in those cities where lighthouse projects do not offer funding. The validation of the replication approach at this stage can be very useful for the lighthouse cities and replication leads, to allocate time and energy on what is most relevant from the interested cities’ point of view. Group discussions will take place on the following specific measures: 1) building retrofit in private housing, 2) citizen engagement, 3) low energy districts, and 4) e-mobility services.

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