Cities levelling up

04/12/2017 - 04/12/2017 (Brussels)

Sustainability can mean a million different things. Which is greener: a woodland hut constructed with ecologically sourced material, a detached home with great heat and energy retention, or an apartment block with amenities that cut down on travel?

Each has its merits, and understanding what those are, and how to measure them against each other used to be something of a nightmare. Not anymore! The Commission is testing a voluntary reporting framework, ‘Level(s)’, which will make it easier to assess and compare building sustainability levels throughout Europe.

EUROCITIES will be among the 50 pioneering organisations selected to attend a demo and workshop surrounding this tool, getting to grips with how to use and apply it, and giving feedback for development.

Within a clear, common framework, communication and replication of best practices among cities becomes at once more transparent and more essential. The Sharing Cities programme, which facilitates such knowledge exchange, is a great asset for those who join, either as lighthouse or fellow cities. As European standards become more unified, so must European cities.

You can find out more about the European Commission’s ‘Level(s)’ tool here.

Or click here to register for the event in Brussels on 4 December 2017.



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